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Designed for Customers' Ease-of-Use

The Super B2B service is designed for HVAC distributors' customers - HVAC contractors, dealers, and retailers. It includes ease-of-use features for quickly finding and ordering what they need while on the construction site, in the office, or even at home - using their smartphone, tablet, or desktop devices....

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Developed for Distributors' Efficiency

The Super B2B service is another of WebStack's business services created to ensure their client's success. Navigation, catalog and checkout processes have been optimized for HVAC wholesale transactions including features to protect your customers' orders and financial data while making purchasing transactions more efficient...

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Multi-vendor Catalogs and Manuals

The Super B2B service includes a newly developed process for building very large catalogs with the combined products of multiple vendors. WebStack's HVAC product library is the baseline for the Super B2B 's multi-vendor catalogs...

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